Vinyl Pergolas

Why Buy A Vinyl Pergola?

Today's vinyl is high quality product that's strong, durable and beautiful. The best part? Verry little maintenance is requiered to keep it clean and fresh looking year after year - just mild soap and water does the trick. Plus, because our vinyl is made from 50% recycled materials using nonpolluting manufacturing methods, you can feel good about more than just the beauty of your vinyl pergola... You can know that you're helping protect the enviroment, too.

Maintenance Free - Durable - Won't Warp - Won't Craxk or Split - Looks Fresh 

Assembling You Pergola

1. What You Will Need

Basic had tools are all that's requiered. If you own a cordless drill or screwdriver, level, wrench and a hammer you're good to go. And you don't need to be an expert carpenter either.

2. Our Step-By-Step Guide

With our guide you'll have clear, step-by-step instructions. Each step is illustrated with a photo and contains a clear and detailed explination. No guesswork, no confusion.

3. A Little Help From a Friend

It only takes two to assemble a pergola in half a day. Every piece is clearly marked, and has been carefully inspected to make sure it fits together smoothly. Your finished pergola will not only look great, it will be stable and strong.

4. ... Or go with a Pro

You may prefer to have a professional assemble you pergola for you. Simply let your dealer know. You can count on courteou workmen that will respect your property and clean up completly before they leave.

Choose A Size

Be sure to check how much space you have avialable for your pergola. Measurements are based on TOP dimentions, not the bottom posts. beams and pur;ins extended 16" past post postions.

8' x 8'  - 8' x 20'    10' x 10' - 10' x 24'        12' x 12' - 12' x 28'          14' x 14' - 14' x 32'      16' x 16' - 16' x 32'      Pergola sizes come in 2' increments.

Post Styles


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