Become A Dealer

Why Should YOU Become a Dealer of Honeybrook Woodworks Products

  • HBW has the highest standards on material and only uses quality hardware
  • Our designs and methods for development use the best modern technology and practices
  • Customer service you can rely on for all your needs

How it Works?

Becoming a dealer of HBW products affords you the opportunity to sell some of the best pergolas, gazebos and pavilions on the market today. Our dealers consistently outsell their competition and develop a strong referral client base that keeps your business active and growing.

With easy order management HBW makes it easy to place orders and customize requests to your clients specifications so that your needs, and theirs, are met every time.

Additionally, becoming a dealer means that you receive the best service in the industry:

  • Fast 2-4 week lead time on orders
  • Customized requests completed with no hassle
  • Lots of dealer resources to help you out, such as lead generation, sales aids and regularly updated marketing materials

Dealer Form

What Happens When You Make A Dealer Request?

  • Once your information is submitted, a dealer service representative will contact you within 24 hours
  • A dealer information kit can be mailed to you upon request 

Requesting dealership info and status does not automatically make you a dealer.

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